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Greetings cards

Our range of nearly three hundred greetings cards features the work of twenty one established contemporary artists, three photographers and images from the Edifice architectural picture library.

Click on the thumbnail images below to see the full selection on offer for each of them.

Alan Wilkes
Alan Wilkes's
garden views
Charlie Baird
Charlie Baird's
modern landscapes
Clinton Banbury
Clinton Banbury's
humorous watercolours
David Pole's
whimsical watercolours
architectural details
Emma Faull
Emma Faull’s 
watercolours of exotic birds
Frank Phillips
Frank Phillips's
patchwork landscapes
Frances Farmar
Francis Farmar's
bird's eye panoramas
Irene Brandt
Irene Brandt's
naïve folk art
Joyce Houghton
Joyce Houghton's
evocative scenes of seaside holidays
Julia Cooper
Julia Cooper’s 
coastal impressions
James Lynch
James Lynch’s 
animals in landscapes
Lester Halhed
Lester Halhed’s
atmospheric landscapes
Lucy Pratt's
exuberant oils
Clare Pawley
light and dark
Mary Sumner's
bold, bright landscapes
John Brenton
John Brenton's
coastal landscapes of the West Country
Marcelle Milo-Gray's
whimsical studies and landscapes
Nik Kalinowsky
Nik Kalinowski's
observations in black & white
Norman Thelwell
Norman Thelwell
as a landscape painter
Paul Riley
Paul Riley's
vibrant watercolours
Pauline Kraay
Pauline Kraay's
hinterglas paintings
Pam Pebworth
Pam Pebworth's
intricate wood engraving's
Robert O'Rorke
Robert O'Rorke's
still lifes and landscapes
Ski Harrison
Ski Harrison's
studies in black & white


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